Meet Teri Hurley,

Owner Endless Love Travel

I come to work every day not because I have unbridled passion for exploring the world, which I do, but because I want to solve the biggest problem in the travel industry.

Every consumer is making a mistake purchasing travel on line as they do so by assumption.


At Endless Love Travel, there is a better way to make your travel decisions.

My Mission:  My mission is to assist clients achieve a greater understanding of travel product and logic enabling them to experience the full potential of their travel choices.


My Promise:  I design seamless luxury travel packages sourcing key components through trusted international partners.


My Essence: I make magic. Inspired by world travel I take the dreams and wishes of others and light their passion to become travelers rather than tourists.

Our clients are busy professionals seeking expertise and connections in the industry to source a quality experience that is meaningful and impactful.

With my 25 years in event management and 16 years in travel, I have worked diligently to develop a strong education and skill set that enables me to custom curate travel, packaged with hand selected international partners.


You might say I tailor-make travel to fit each client like a glove!

Why buy off the rack when you can have your travel custom curated?

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